Invest In $KSHR

and depart from the shackles of centralized conglomerates.

We are rethinking everything.

From currency and banking to social media and web hosting, we are leaving no stone unturned. We are determined to find blockchain alternatives for everything!


The problems below are not political, they are essential.


It is 2022 and the bank still decides how much money I can wire per day. (Do they realize it’s my money?…) The irony of living in a free society is that it’s not free at all. Unless we change it.


Considering 5 entities process more than 3/4 of all (sale) transactions; it isn’t a matter of ‘if’ there will be catastrophic failure, but rather ‘when’ and ‘how damaging’ it will be.


When the biggest names are censored by big-tech, blocked and removed from their platforms, we are not battling dis-information. We are fighting a war on free speech and democracy.


Kosher Wallet

By pivoting to more cryptocurrency usage and decentralized financial applications, we put the control, freedom and decision-making back into the hands of its users.

Kosher Vendor

The Introduction of blockchain receipts combined with the fastest crypto payment solution, will pose a threat to the world of payment processing and POS integration.

Kosher View*

(Post MVP) Censor-free video hosting on the blockchain. Where creators have full control and true ownership of their content, earnings and future.

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Frequently asked questions?

You have questions? We have answers…

When will Kosher Token go live?

Please refer to our timeline page for up-to-date information regarding timing. 

What is the total Kosher Token Supply?

There is a total of 613 Billion Kosher Tokens. A portion of which will be made available for purchase when we launch publicly.

Is Kosher Token a native blockchain?

No. We’ve developed our token on the Solana network. To learn more click here.

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